Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This was a really fun day. We went to the Dalian Forest Zoo and spent the day watching animals do the funniest things. The elephants were really funny and there was even a point in the show when they started to play soccer. Although, it was even more hilarious how none of them could make it straight into the goal. I hope you enjoy some of the funny pictures I got from the zoo. My friend Hilda was the one who took us and you can see her in the picture with me. Our main goal was to see the panda and we did eventually but we had to walk a lot to get to him. Even while we were making our way to see the panda everyone kept telling me that the panda is usually always asleep. Lucky for me he was awake and oddly enough tried to climb up the wall. It was a really fun day and the people that were on the trip made it all the more enjoyable. If you ever decide to come to Dalian I would recommend that you visit the zoo at least once.

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